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NEW Emulsion!

Only color reversal film in Single-8 cartridge in the world
(This is only for Single-8 cameras. Not for Super-8)
ASA/ISO 100 Daylight Color Reversal Film.

Also ASA/ISO 400 version is coming soon.


23EUR 10EUR !!
Good bye RT200N & R25N

Just discontinued
Sayonara & Arigato
Special Sale! We found some..
The last chance!
Only 10 rolls left.
45 EUR each

We never stop processing
for Single-8, Super-8, Dubble-8, 16mm
Color & B/W & Color Negative
In-house Processing

Retro News Flash -
8mm films, Tax-Free package for oversea (Great Deal !)
Fuji splicing tape on big discount now!!
We have color reversal film in stocks.
We have found some Fuji Splicing tape 500 !! Only 10 rolls left.
HD Film scanning (Telecine) in NTSC or PAL
Beautiful Digital data to 8mm / 16mm film transfer. Only here !
Video system conversion (PAL, NTSC - VHS, DV, DVD etc.)
Pro8mm dealer in Asia/Pacific Same price as in USA.

Our own B/W and colour Single-8 films will never be discontinued

Cool items
your camera
Original Eye Cap for Fuji cameras

AA Battery adapter
Canon Scoopic

English and German spoken
Gerne kommunizieren wir auch in Deutsch mit Ihnen!

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